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Your purchase helps support no-kill animal shelters
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Blind Spot Illuminated

The Pet Parent Alert Kit addresses what I'll call a 'blind spot' in the care and safety of our pets.  By 'blind spot', I mean just that - even the most diligent pet owner often does not recognize this gap in their pet care regimen.  They don't realize how they live daily with an unaddressed vulnerability.  They often don't see it unless it has played itself out in their own lives.

So I wanted to get a PPA Kit in front of a someone who is a true expert in pet care, a veterinarian.  This is someone who is on the front lines of seeing what can go wrong when a pet does not receive the care it needs.  She often gets to treat the results of emergencies, however they may have occurred.  I didn't tell her a lot about the kit; mostly I wanted to have her observe it on her own and react to it.  So here's what Dr. Hannah Smith, DVM (DACT candidate), Gainesville, FL had to say about the Pet Parent Alert Kit, along with her recommendation:

"As a veterinarian, I find that pet owners consider their beloved animals to be members of the family. Their critters are loyal and adored companions. Caring for our wonderful creatures is a top priority. But what happens to them if we are in an accident or have a health crisis that lands us in the hospital? The Pet Parent Alert Kit offers peace of mind to animal lovers by providing notification to medical staff, law enforcement or emergency response teams that your animal needs care. I highly recommend this simple-to-use kit that contains everything you need to make sure your fur babies get the vital care they need when you can't be there." – Hannah Smith, DVM (DACT candidate), Gainesville, FL

Now doesn't that say it all?

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