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Why do I need a PPA Kit?

By now, you've probably seen our Pet Parent Alert Kit featured on our Home Page.  It's our flagship product.  We're showcasing it with a sense of urgency, because we feel like pet parents should have a sense of urgency about getting one.  You may wonder why.

I'll share my own thoughts on this situation.  As a pet parent of Mia the Shihtzu, I worry about leaving her home alone every time we leave the house.  And when I say 'leave the house', I mean to run an errand, go to the grocery store, head for the gym, go out to dinner....any little trip out of the house where I anticipate being home and back with her shortly.  Because what if something happened....a car wreck, an accident, an emergency...and suddenly I couldn't come home?  If I was unable to tell someone that I had a pet at home, how long would Mia be there alone, just waiting?  My heart breaks thinking about that.

I have a couple of real-life experiences to share.  Years ago, I worked with a colleague who was young and healthy.  She ran 5Ks on the weekends for fun.  Out of the blue and very sadly, one day she dropped dead of a stroke.  You can imagine the shock of losing someone so young and healthy like that, so quickly.  Amidst our shock, we sat around for a few days letting it sink in before one of us said 'OMG!  She has a cat! Did anyone know that?  Has anyone gone and gotten the cat out of her apartment?'  We ran out of there with our hair on fire to address the situation, and thankfully, someone else had already realized it, and the cat had been rescued.  But what if they hadn't?  Who knows how long that poor kitty would have been there, just waiting for her to come home.  Makes me shudder to think about it.

As recently as this past year, another example.  Friends of mine who live in South Florida had to jump in the car to go rescue their 'grandpets' who live about 4 hours away.  Their son had a terrible scooter accident, was pretty banged up and went directly to the hospital.  He didn't have an 'in case of emergency' person close by for his dogs, so when his parents received the call about the accident, they had to jump in a car and go, not only for their son but for the dogs that were left at home alone.  My friends shared an amusing 'Lucy and Ethel' moment of trying to get over their son's back fence and into the house so they could get to the dogs.  But they said they wished this kit had been available then, because they really could have used it.  

According to Progressive Insurance statistics,  52% of car accidents happen within 5 miles of home, and 77% happen within 15 miles.  450,000 of us are taken to the hospital each year, unconscious and without ID.  So it happens to someone.  Maybe even you.  And what would your pets at home do?

Yes, I know, you're sitting there thinking 'What a good idea....for somebody else.'..because you have a family member who lives nearby who knows you have a pet at home.  But what if that family member is vacationing in Europe at the time?  Or somehow otherwise engaged and unable to respond or even take a phone call?  Your pets are still home alone, waiting.

At $20-ish shipped to your home, the PPA Kit is a very practical and inexpensive solution for what could otherwise be a really terrible situation, one that so many of us would never see coming.  It could actually save your pet's life.  And how much is that worth?

So YES, if you have a pet at home, YOU DO NEED THIS!  The truth is that, as a responsible pet parent, you really can't do without it.



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