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In Case of Emergency....Mine!

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I find that sometimes people don't quite understand that if they're a pet parent, they need a Pet Parent Alert Kit.  Emergency situations don't generally come with advance warnings; they're just upon us suddenly and overwhelmingly.  At $20-25, the PPA Kit is such a small investment with such a big payoff, should you ever need it.  I truly hope that you don't, but if you suddenly do, the ROI on it is priceless.  A bit like a tiny insurance policy.  Low on cost, high on impact and peace of mind.

Today's example of the value of the kit comes from me....with my own experience.  I happen to have a personal situation going on that came upon my husband and I pretty quickly, and having the PPA Kit and my 'In Case of Emergency' plan in place for Mia (our shihtzu) is coming in really handy right now.

In short, the hubs is having some 'unforeseen' surgery in the near future in another city, and he'll be out of action for several days.  While it's driving distance (no planes involved), it's still 90 minutes away in traffic.  I'll be taking him there and driving back and forth between the homestead and the hospital.  It occurred to me that with him out, I will be Mia's sole and primary caretaker.  She's completely reliant upon me, just me.  What would happen if that 90-minute drive produced a car accident, with me in it?  Who would even know if I didn't return?  And what would happen to Mia, with both pet parents suddenly unable to care for her?

No worries here. I have my ICE person and wallet card and alert messages in place in the vehicle with me.  While it's stressful to consider the things that could go wrong, what isn't an additional stressor is worrying about Mia's care.  If something happens to me, my emergency person is contacted and will rescue her and keep her until one of us can return home.  Easy peasy.

What is your plan for your pets during its human's emergency?  Do you have one?  Why not?


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