Your purchase helps support no-kill animal shelters
Your purchase helps support no-kill animal shelters
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About Us

We're devoted pet parents, just like you 

We're a small, family-owned business with a passion for pets.  No offense to humans (some of you rock!) but we're pretty sure we prefer animals to people.  They're pure and honest, no pretense, and they love unconditionally.  Where else can you get that?  

Our Philosophy

We believe that unconditional love runs both ways.  As pet parents, we are as devoted to them as they are to us.  

Our Vision

We dream about a future where animals and humans live their best lives together...and we want to help them do that.

Our Mission

We want to make it easier for every pet parent to provide what every pet needs:

  • Protection & Safety
  • Wellness
  • Love & Comfort

 Where are we located?

We are located in both sunny South Florida and the Colorado Rockies.

What Else is Important to Us?

Besides making the lives of animals everywhere better, we have a few other things that are important to us:

We want to:

  • Delight our customers. It is our goal to bring carefully curated quality products to you at a fair price, in a simple and straight-forward way, creating a positive experience, start to finish.  We'd like to create a relationship, not just a transaction.
  • Support American businesses.  We actively look for products made (or at least sourced) by American companies.  From time to time, we may have to source an item from a supplier that is not U.S.-based, but it's unlikely to be something from China.  
  • Be Eco-friendly as often as possible, because we love Mother Earth as much as you do.
  • Do Some Good in the World.  We want to somehow leave a little sparkle wherever we go.