Your purchase helps support no-kill animal shelters
Your purchase helps support no-kill animal shelters
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The Pet Parent Alert Kit includes a Pet Emergency Card for your wallet, an emergency alert keyring tag, a silicone alert bracelet and a Pet rescue window sticker.  For a limited time, we're including a silicone message alert dog tag for free.
The Pet Parent Alert Kit
The Pet Parent Alert Kit
The Pet Parent Alert Kit
The Pet Parent Alert Kit
The Pet Parent Alert Kit
Also includes waterproof, light reflective home window sticker for fire/flood/disaster preparedness.

The Pet Parent Alert Kit

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10% of PPA Kit purchase goes to support shelter pets.

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What is the Pet Parent Alert Kit?

As pet parents, we do many things to keep our pets from getting lost.  But what does a pet do when its human gets lost?

We leave our homes and pets every day to go to work, to run an errand or for an evening out to dinner, expecting to return home shortly.  But what if something occurs to keep us from doing that?  What would happen to our pets at home alone?

The Pet Parent Alert Kit is an 'In Case of Emergency' plan for pets at home.  It provides assurance of your pet's continued care should you be in an accident or otherwise incapacitated.  Having a formal process and instructions in place with the PPA kit provides peace of mind that your pet will be cared for even if you can't be there.

The PPA Kit lets first responders know you have pets at home who need care and makes ICE contact information readily accessible. By placing the card in your wallet and the alert message on your key ring or wrist, you never have to worry that your pets may be forgotten.

The PPA kit is a must have for every pet parent and a great gift item for friends or family members with pets waiting for them at home.

Included in each PPA kit:

  • 1 eco-friendly plastic, waterproof customizable ICE contact wallet card
  • 1 plastic key ring alert tag
  • 1 brightly-colored Pet Parent Alert silicone wristband
  • 1 light reflective, waterproof, fade resistant home window rescue sticker for fire/flood disaster preparedness

Kit box measures 4.5 X 5.5 inches and easily fits into a standard mailbox.

Also available in Premium Kit (for double pet-parent family) for $22.95.


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